Benefits: we can assist you with your printing needs – whether it is a small printing job for new business cards, a DL brochure, or a large publication – we can manage the printing process and production. We work with a number of different printers, and can provide suggestions for which printer will best suit your needs. If you are not experienced with managing print projects, leave it to us, we’ll ensure the best outcomes and take the job of managing printers out of your hands.

We specialise in offering and recommending environmentally-friendly print solutions, including waterless printing; soy-based inks; and eco-friendly and certified paper-stock options.

Cost: all printing projects are quoted on an individual ‘per project’ basis. Up to 3 competitive print quotes are obtained for clients from printers for comparison purposes (if required). Printing costs vary dependant on print quantity, print quality, size specifications of the project, colour requirements, paper-stock quality, and delivery requirements.