Benefits: we recommend the excellent opportunities of PR to all our clients – in terms of ‘value for money’, nothing beats good PR! The return of investment (ROI) from PR is better than any advertisement can offer (generally speaking anyway, unless you are extremely lucky with your advertising). This is mainly because readers ‘believe’ editorial and stories more than ads, and the value per column/cm of media space for editorial is valued 3x the equivalent space of paid advertising space. One good press release or story can generate excellent sales, for a lot less cost than a paid advertisement. However, PR and media liaison needs to be managed well and professionally to obtain the best results – this is where Banksia can assist you. We provide media services including: developing a media plan, on-going pr services, press release writing, editorial, dispatch of press releases and information to media contacts, media database and contact management, manage media enquiries, manage image requests from media, and can assist with media promotions, giveaways and competitions – all ways of getting “more bang for your bucks” in the media. Talk to us to find out how we can create a media strategy for your business.

Client example (caravan manufacturer): 1 good editorial story in a recent caravan magazine generated 4 new sales leads – this is worth in excess of $340,000 in sales to the company; and the only cost to the company was ‘time’ and a minimal marketing services fee to manage their media liaisons and pr services. An extremely good example of excellent return on investment! 

Cost: all public relations and media services costs are quoted on an individual basis. Services are offered on a daily, weekly or monthly (retainer) basis.