Benefits: to assist clients with their print and online images needs, Banksia can manage all photography and image requirements. High quality and suitable images are essential for promoting a professional image to potential clients. Having professional and suitable photographs can’t be emphasized enough; as we all know, “a picture says a thousand words”. If you use words, images and photographs of poor quality, or they don’t represent your product or service correctly, you can seriously damage your brand image and sales won’t be maximised to the full potential that they could be. Banksia can assist you with having the correct image for the purpose required, and ensure you are presenting your business professionally. Other photographic services include: sourcing suitable images, coordinating photo shoots and photographers, and image alterations (‘photoshop’ etc…) to suit advertising and marketing purposes. 

Banksia specialises in photography for the Australian tourism industry. 

Cost: photographic services are generally charged on an hourly basis. Larger projects are quoted ‘per project’ on an individual basis. For professional photography: up to 3 competitive quotes are obtained for clients from photographers for comparison purposes (if required). 

Special note: The stunning photographs on the Banksia website are provided courtesy of our travel photographers Danielle, Melanie, Sue, and by travel industry clients we work with – thank you everyone! If you have any great Australian travel or nature images you wish to submit for our website, please contact us. If sending images by email, file size max 5mb please.