Banksia Marketing operates with our planet in mind. We encourage sustainable management and operations processes, and use environmentally-friendly products and services wherever possible. We are committed to values beyond profit. It is our goal to respect our environment, our staff and clients; and reduce our carbon footprint. We aim to ensure environmental, social and financial aspects of the business co-exist – the required elements of a sustainable business approach.

We provide advice and help clients to promote their ‘green’ credentials – including suggestions for finding suitable environmentally friendly products (paperstock, printing, consumable items, and services required to maintain sustainable operations).

Our sustainable business approach includes the following ‘green’ actions and policies:
  • reduce/minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • reduce/minimise waste
  • use Energy Star rated products
  • purchase carbon offset credits
  • use biodegradable and environmentally friendly products (not tested on animals)
  • recycle wherever possible
  • sustainable procurement – utilise the services of businesses that operate with a similar philosophy and a clear sustainability policy
  • respect the natural environment and people around us
  • offer clients environmentally-friendly marketing options – we recommend eco-friendly products, paper, printing, and other services
  • support not-for-profit organisations, fair trade businesses and charities (those focused on conserving our planet; and assisting local communities world-wide)

In addition to the above green approaches, we also promote sustainable and responsible travel via our new campaign project Our Planet Travel. For more details see Our Planet Travel web page. Or contact us via email.

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