Benefits: a marketing plan is critical to effective marketing and successful outcomes. The plan provides you with a ‘road map’ to budget, implement and measure all your marketing activities. Even if it is a very simple plan, any plan is better than none! A strategic marketing plan helps you avoid the pitfalls of a ‘scatter-gun’ approach to advertising, and avoid wasting time and effort on activities that are not ideally suited to your business. The marketing plan provides focus so that you can manage workload, responsibilities, budget and staff. Banksia will work with you to develop a tailor-made marketing plan to suit your business and budget. You can implement all the recommended activities and strategies yourself, or we can assist you further by implementing them for you. Marketing plans generally include: overview, marketing objectives and strategies, research, SWOT analysis, marketing action plans, timelines for implementation, budget and measurement processes.  Developing a detailed marketing plan can be a very time-consuming process, especially when/if extensive research and planning is required.

Cost: marketing plans are charged ‘per project’ upon consultation and agreement with the client. This can range anywhere from $600+gst (for a very basic plan) to $9,000+gst (for a fully developed strategic marketing plan and supporting documents); costs depend on the requirements and complexity of the plan.