Benefits: contracting a marketing consultant means as the client you gain the benefits of obtaining specialised services and expertise at the fraction of the cost of a paid employee. You can get the specific services you need, when and how often suits you. Banksia provides consulting services to develop a marketing direction, or to determine the best marketing options for your business – this can be a ‘one off’ project or series of consultations; or you can arrange on-going marketing services to assist you on a weekly or monthly basis. The types of marketing services that clients often require include: develop a marketing plan; determine what marketing activities suit your business and budget best; assistance with developing advertising campaigns; designing and managing all marketing needs (brochures, ads, flyers, posters, campaigns, website, outdoor signage, stationery etc…); or undertaking PR (public relations), media or promotional activities.

Cost: consulting services are generally charged on an hourly basis; or for on-going or ‘retainer’ services a monthly fee can be negotiated based on the duration of the contract. The hourly rates range from approx $110-$140+gst per hour depending on the complexity of the services required, and the length of the contract.